1 Corinthians 9:24-27 We all know that when there’s a race, all the runners bolt for the finish line, but only one will take the prize. When you run, run for the prize! 25 Athletes in training are very strict with themselves, exercising self-control over desires, and for what? For a wreath that soon withers or is crushed or simply forgotten. That is not our race. We run for the crown that we will wear for eternity. 26 So I don’t run aimlessly. I don’t let my eyes drift off the finish line. When I box, I don’t throw punches in the air. 27 I discipline my body and make it my slave so that after all this, after I have brought the gospel to others, I will still be qualified to win the prize.

            A few years ago my oldest son gave me a gift for mother's day; a CrossFit membership for 90 days so that I could get some exercise in a fun way. For those of you that don’t know what CrossFit is, it’s a strength and conditioning program of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement," with the stated goal of improving fitness. So, I did some things I thought I could never do and I felt great. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed it. 

            To make a life change and to do something different, we have to make a decision, then step out and do it. Paul, in the above text talks about having our eyes on the prize, seeing the finish line. For CrossFit it was about being healthy and getting into shape. For the Christian, the prize is going home with Jesus. Every day we must exercise our mind to follow Jesus. Daily it is a commitment, a decision. And once that decision is made you make the effort to build that relationship. I could be a member of CrossFit and tell everyone that I am, but if I never go exercise, then I am not really a member. Putting my name on paper does not make me CrossFit. I have to show up and do my part; it was hard work, but when you do it, it feels great and the rewards are numerous; health, fitness and more.

            We can also say we are Christian, but being Christian in name only will not get us the prize. We have to show up every day and build that relationship with Jesus. Keep our eyes on the prize, HIM. We have been called for a purpose; to have life and to have it more abundantly. Jesus wants the best for us in all that we do. We can never be more fit then when we spend time with the one who gave His life for us. He thought you were worth dying for and He wants nothing more than to get to know you, to be your constant companion.

So to be CrossFit, I had to show up and do my part, I had to exercise. When I did, there was benefits that were wonderful. Just as being Christian, a follower of Christ, I must follow, I must give Him my whole heart and be totally committed. And the benefits have eternal consequences—eternal life. Now that’s what I call CrossFit.